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A Passion for Hunting

The Story Behind Our Quick and Efficient Hunting Blind

Hunting has always been a passion for Pat, and his love for the outdoors is generational!

Growing up in the mountains of Western North Carolina, his backyard was an open opportunity for great hunting and fishing.

Pat started fishing at 2 and hunting at around 5 with his father and brothers.

Change Your Hunting Location Quickly

Pat instinctively knows how to follow the hunt, which has him frequently moving to better spots. His experience and knowledge of the woods allow him to move confidently.

His family has used the Nukem Hunting Blind to hunt turkey for years.

So, Pat decided to make some improvements to the design. And now his custom design has a US Utility Patent, turning it into the relied-on and successful hunting blind it is today.

Creators Pat & Robin Newcomb

Pat and his wife have two young daughters. One of which is following in his footsteps. She's always trying to come along on every hunt and shot her first turkey at 6.

Hunting now takes Pat all over the world, and his experience and passion only continue to grow.

What Our Customers Say


Bo Herron

The Nukem Hunting Blind is ideal for any hunter that is looking for concealment with an incredibly fast set up time. The first time I set the pop up blind up it took me about a minute, after a few times I had the blind completely set up and was concealed in well under a minute. The blind provides plenty of cover and at the same time allows the hunter to see all available shooting lanes and get on target with ease. As an avid bow hunter a traditional ground blind has always made it difficult for me to come to full draw without hitting my elbows on the blind or having a tiny shooting lane, if the blind is large enough to draw back in then most of the time it is too difficult to move around which is a very important part in a successful turkey hunt. This is ideal for bow hunting from the ground. The Nukem blind not only allows you to reach full draw with no limitations but also allows you to move your set up in a matter of seconds to improve the hunt unlike a traditional ground blind. By far the best blind for bow hunting. I strongly recommend the Nukem Hunting turkey blind for its quality, mobility and compact size.


Ryan Harron

I have used this blind for 20+ years! I remember killing my first turkey while sitting behind it. It’s a very portable turkey blind that is quick and easy to setup or take down when you need to make that final move to get that shot on the gobbler you’re chasing. Great quality and very durable. Have many great memories while using this hunting blind and plan to be making many more!



I’ve been hunting for over 30 years now in the mountains of North Carolina and surround states. I’ve used many pop up ground blinds in the past but this is the quickest, lightest blinds I’ve ever used…. Not only is it easy to set up in the dark, it makes it quick and easy to move on a bird. The older I get the less weight and bulge the better over the steep mountains. I absolutely love it.



I have been toting the Nukem hunting blind around with a few buddies through the hills and hollers of Tennessee, the mountains of western North Carolina and into the swamps of coastal South Carolina over a period of almost 30 years. I can't tell you how many wild turkey and whitetails I've taken or how many more I witnessed my buddies take with both a gun and while bow hunting behind the Nukem Hunting Blind. I've used it in the woods, on field edges and have even set up before dawn in between Nukem blinds out in the middle of a wide open field to kill those gobblers that would hang out there all day and never budge. Buy two of them so you can do the same, or so you can take a friend or a grandchild with you. Be safe, shoot straight and Nukem!



The blind was very easy to pack and set up, it also was easy to move around with because of how light it was. It blended in really well and because of the blind I was able to get a turkey last season.



I often hear the question…. What is the one hunting bit of kit you never leave at home? For me it’s my Nukem Grab and Go Blind. As a serious turkey hunter it’s a must have for a run and gun hunter. I have used a variant of it for over 30 years with much success. It’s so versatile as a blind, wind deflector, shadow creator. I taught a 7 year old to hunt behind it as it did an amazing job hiding her fidgety behavior. I have spent hundreds of hours over the years hunting behind it and to not have it would be like hunting with a strobe light. This 2.0 version with the way it breaks down and is so much lighter is fantastic. I’m looking forward to using it for coyote hunting this year. Well done Nukem!



I used the Nukem Hunting Blind for the first time this past turkey season while hunting with Pat Newcomb. It's light weight and easy setup and take down appeal to me as an avid wingshooter. It will be a great addition to my dove hunting gear where late season dove are extremely wary and flare at the slightest movement. I also plan on using it for small pond duck hunting and setting up along field edges for Canada geese where concealment is essential to blend in and hide movement for waterfowl. This hunting blind perfect all season ground blind.


Scotty Rice

I really like my blind and how easy it is to set up and take down when ground hunting deer, no effort whatsoever. Lightweight every hunter needs one for ground blind hunting.


Michael Sprouse

Being an avid outdoorsman my entire life I’ve used many different blinds. This by far the lightest and easy-to-use hunting blind I’ve ever seen. It packs up small and won’t weigh you down on long walks. My first experience using it was a huge success. We set up two blinds (about 45 seconds for both) on a lone oak in the middle of a pasture. After a short period of calling we had 2 long beards at 15 yards and I harvested my best turkey to date, a triple beard. This blind is a must for any hunter, deer, and turkey and it works!